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I am a creative funnel designer, digital consultant, and blogger. I have been involved with digital marketing since 2012, and helping brands, businesses build a better digital presence, convey their story efficiently, and generate better ROI. The goal behind creating ConceptBlogger is to share the experiments, case studies, and experiences with people so that they don't make the mistakes I have made.

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Storytelling – Why Your Brand Needs A Powerful Story?

What makes the Apple brand so unique? Why are people so loyal to the Apple brand? Why do other brands find it challenging to snatch Apple’s customer base? Have you...
Conversion Rate Optimization Tips - Romy Singh

Revealing 21 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips to Create High-Converting Sales Funnels

Only 3% of the visitors to your website convert into customers.Now that's a problem.You want your traffic to be effective and profitable.You don't want to keep wasting your money on...
Invest In Yourself

Invest in Yourself To Get An Edge In Life

Ever feel like you're destined for mediocrity? Maybe you're stuck in a job that doesn't use your full potential, or worse, you might have the constant fear that you'll never...

How to Be More Productive and Do More in Less Time? (Revealed My Productivity Hack)

It’s not your environment that creates your productivity. It’s you. Productivity is in your hands, in every decision you make every day.⁣⁣ To be more productive, flip the switch to...

Persuasion Techniques: How to Influence Your Target Audience

Creating persuasive copy can be overwhelming and frustrating. You may not know what to say or do, and persuasion is a little like an art form that is easier said...

The Anatomy of A Hit Blog Post

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people create and publish content online. It's like a race - everyone's got to be producing and publishing as much as possible to win....