About Romy Singh

Hi, I am Romy Singh, a Mumbai-based Funnel Hacker and digital consultant. I am passionate about conceptualization and working on new ideas to help brands; businesses convey their story more efficiently through digital mediums. I firmly believe in the purpose, and quality-driven work approach will always lead to better results.

I have been designing, developing websites and funnels for 9+ years. As a result, I had the opportunity to work with exceptional people across the world.

Romy Singh - Thailand

The Beginning:

My journey as a creative entrepreneur started in 2010 when I was in second year of college. Somehow, I became familiar with Google AdSense, and the intense curiosity about making money online got me hooked.

There was no method left that I haven't tried and tested in those days to make money online through Google AdSense.

I taught myself how to create blogger-based blogs, WordPress-based sites, and learn more about new traffic generation methods, SEO, and other aspects of digital marketing.

In 2012, I got my first AdSense check. Yes! It took me two years to make money online, and the struggles taught me the importance of everything I was doing.

I love every aspect of what I was doing; it was not something that I would have to force myself to do. It flows very naturally to me.

I started my first blog in 2013,, and it was a collection of mistakes I had made to learn blogging, niche marketing, content curation.

Around 2015, I sold because I realized that I have gained enough experience to create something more authoritative, personal, and can help me generate more business, instead of just putting helpful content out there without any direction. was born!

This time the approach was more focused and précised to build and grow my business. And, it worked!

The First Venture: 

In the monsoon of 2015, Solutions&Beyond was born. It was a digital agency created by myself and my friend Julius Alexander. I was super excited as it was something I wanted to do for years. The dream of owning a company materialized with effort and commitment.


But, in 2020, we decided to close the agency due to some issues. It took me months to get myself back on track and get over the sad experience.


It's life, and things like this are bound to happen. We ran the agency for five years and worked with people across the world, and some clients were an amazing experience to work with, like DreamTheater Mumbai Event, OneRepublic Mumbai Event, etc.



Around 2017, I got this intense urge to travel to different countries, and explore their different culture, delicacies, and meet amazing peoples.

I decided to travel to 1 or 2 countries every year, and since then, I am continuing this tradition.

Till now, I have visited:

  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia


And the journey is still on.

Some Pictures From The Travels: