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Our website address is: https://www.conceptblogger.com/.

We want to mention what personal data we collect and why we collect it.

We have complied with this Privacy policy to serve those concerned with what personal information we collect and how we use the collected information. 

Please go through our privacy policy carefully to understand how we use the data to personalise the user experience and serve more accurate content to our readers. 

When commenting, subscribing, downloading, and registering on our site, you might be asked to enter your name, email address, mailing address, phone, credit card, and other pieces of information to allow us to help you provide a smooth and seamless experience. 


When do we collect the data?

We collect information when someone: 

  • Fills out a form
  • Subscribe to the blog newsletter or freebies 
  • Register to the site
  • Downloads free or paid product
  • Place an order for any information product
  • Comments on our blog posts.

How do we utilize the information?

We use the data we have collected from you in different scenarios like placing an order, subscribing to our newsletter, commenting, or use certain restricted or premium content on the site in the following ways:

  • To provide a personalized, optimized experience. 
  • To create and deliver the type of content and product in which you'll be most interested.
  • To run customized, and interesting contests, quizzes, surveys
  • To ask for personal opinions, reviews, and establish personal communication
  • To improve overall website functionality to serve you better 
  • To help you resolve queries faster in different scenarios 

What are the measure we take to protect your information?

Our website has certain security measures set up to protect your data in any scenarios. 

  • We have set up frequent malware scans for files.
  • We have PatchStach integrate to regularly monitor security loopholes and fix them. 
  • We have integrated CloudFlare with our server to protect us from attacks and data breach. 

Do we use Cookies?

Yes. We do use cookies. 

We use cookies to help us understand your buying behaviour and action to help you remind & process abandon orders by giving customized deals.

Cookies also help us understand the traffic data and site interactions to make more concrete decisions to improve the user experience and provide better content and services to our audience. 

We use cookies to track the following things:

  • To send customized deals and provide a personal experience to people who abandon the cart.
  • Understand the visitor's behaviour and site usage 
  • Keep track of advertisement and marketing campaigns.
  • Compile and understand traffic data, site interactions to make smart decisions, and customize the user experience. (*We use third-party tools to track & measure data.)

You can choose not to use your cookies to customize the user experience for you and serve content that might help you.

You can also customize your cookie preference by going to your browser settings. 

Third-Party Disclosure:

We strictly do not sell, trade, or transfer data to outside parties. There are certain exceptions to this, like our hosting platform, tools, and parties who help us run this site seamlessly and provide a better experience, but these parties agree to keep the data confidential. 

Affiliate Disclosure Policy

Since I frequently share my personal experience with SEO tools, affiliate marketing, and blogging with amazing people like you, naturally, my content may contain affiliate links for products I love and recommend.

If you buy these products using my affiliate link, I'll earn some money, which will help me by ☕coffee, which I will drink while curating more helpful content for amazing people like you.

Oh! These affiliate links won't cost you anything extra; in most cases will provide you with steal deals that you won't get if you purchase this product from the official site. 



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