Revealing 21 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips to Create High-Converting Sales Funnels

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips - Romy Singh

Only 3% of the visitors to your website convert into customers.

Now that's a problem.

You want your traffic to be effective and profitable.

You don't want to keep wasting your money on advertising without getting any returns.

And it's a big issue if you have a limited budget and are concerned about time to deliver results to your client.

In that case, you need to focus on optimizing your sales funnel for a better conversion rate. And that can be pretty difficult if you don't know which valves to turn.

Here are a few conversion rate optimization tips that you can use right now to improve your conversion rate to a great deal.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

#1: The Hero Section

Focus on the HERO area of your sales funnel. It should speak to the visitor about what's in it for them and paint a positive picture of your product; most importantly, it should excite them to know more about your product or offer.

If your HERO section fails, then it's game over for you.

#2: Sales Copy

Use persuasive sales copy ( a copy that speaks directly to the reader.)

#3: Social Proof

Add authentic social proof to your sales page. (Maximize the use in different ways like graphics, videos, messenger screenshots, etc.)

#4: Remove Distractions

Remove distracting elements from your sales page, like animation, vibrant graphics that are redundant.

#5: Data Tools

Step up different data and user action tracking tools (like Session Recording Tool, Heat Map, Analytics tools)

#6: Transperent Buying Process

Make the buying process transparent, concise, and straightforward.

#7: A/B Testing

Don't forget about A/B testing – A/B testing works by dividing your user base into two groups and showing them different versions of your site. After a short time, you can see which version drove the most conversions and make it the new default version. (Works best in ClickFunnel)

There is another way to conduct an A/B test on your sales funnel, and that is by tweaking certain elements, sections, or features of the sales funnel and testing it with different pools of audiences. (Time-consuming process, but it always works.)

#8: Avoid Long Sales Copy

Avoid writing long essay-style sales copy. Break your sales copy into short, digestible paragraphs and graphics.

#9: CTA's

Don't ignore the impact of having a robust, relatable call to action.

#10: Money Back Guarantee

Always offer a money-back guarantee, and it will immediately increase the trust and credibility of the user.

#11: Countdown Timer

Add a countdown timer somewhere on the page, and other elements that create urgency, to make your offer look, sound limited, and exclusive.

#12: Headlines & Sub-Headlines

The headlines, sub-headlines are like hooks that need your extra attention, and they need to be persuasive. I always try to develop a compelling headline and then create a graphic to highlight certain words to make it eye-catching, and then I use the graphics on the landing page.

#13: Tell Your Story

Always have a section on your sales funnel dedicated to telling your story and add as many credibility factors as you can there, like a great photo, media logos, your signature, punchlines, and experience in the niche.

Add anything else that you think will help you paint a positive picture in the visitors' eyes.

#14: Add A Chatbot

Add interactive chatbots to allow visitors to interact with you immediately to get their queries solved.

#15: The Color psychology

Color psychology plays a vital role in conversion rate optimization. Try to use colors that align with your product, offer goals, and somehow convey what your product is all about.

#16: The PopUps

Add popups to your sales funnel. It's a great way to capture a visitor's interest in a few seconds and turn them into a customer with a follow-up sequence.

#17: Trim your form fields

Trim your form fields. You don't need a form with multiple fields because your goal should be establishing a touchpoint with the visitor to turn him into a customer with powerful emails. Having more than two fields affects your conversion rate.

The same can be said for order forms; you don't need to use irrelevant fields like address, country, or other fields if you are not shipping a product. You can collect these details over time with the help of automation.

#18: Upsell & Downsell

Add Upsell or Downsell depending on your main offer. Try to make your funnels react to users' actions. Clickfunnel is very good at this.

#19: The Pricing

Highlight your pricing because that's the most crucial element people use to make their purchase decision.

Below the pricing you highlight, use creative ways to make your pricing look affordable and make users feel like they are getting more than they are paying for.

#20: The Right Bonus

Every sales funnel offers bonuses with their main product or offer. However, while coming up with these bonuses, we forget that the bonus needs to be relevant to the main product or offer and somehow make the buyer feel like they can use it with the main product. For example, when someone is buying a laptop, you can offer the bag, the software, or the external accessory as a bonus.

#21: Order From Elements

The Key Elements At Order Form – By adding security badges, icons, pictures of supported credit cards, PayPal, you make it easier for the visitor to figure out if they can use their card or not to make the purchase. Is this transaction safe or not. So try to add these elements to your order form page somehow.

Conversion Rate Optimization Bonus Tip: The Traffic Source Detective

Sometimes you have a leak-free sales funnel, but the problem lies with the traffic source. If you are sending low-quality targeted traffic, your conversion rate will be shallow.

Converting a cold audience to customers requires different strategies than sending them to your offer page.

Instead of tweaking a lot of things on your sales funnel page, you should first start with the traffic source and conduct a few split tests to see how your audience is reacting to your sales funnel and offer.

My Final Words

If you're currently spending time and money on conversion rate optimization but aren't seeing the results you want, it's time to hunt for the leaks in your funnel. We call this hunt conversion rate optimization.

There can be a lot of reasons why people don't convert on your sales funnel. Maybe they didn't understand what you're trying to sell, perhaps your sales funnel is just too much for them, or maybe they didn't find your sales copy convincing enough.

In this blog post, I have shared 21 conversion rate optimization tips to help you make your sales funnel leak-proof and deliver outstanding results.

What's your favorite conversion rate optimization tip? How do you tweak your sales funnel to get a better conversion rate?

Share it with me in the comments!!!

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