Storytelling – Why Your Brand Needs A Powerful Story?

What makes the Apple brand so unique?

Why are people so loyal to the Apple brand? Why do other brands find it challenging to snatch Apple’s customer base? Have you ever tried to figure out the answer to those questions?

An attempt to use the same methodology to grow your business and turn it into a brand that has a loyal and dedicated fanbase.

People pay a premium price for Apple’s product without making any noise. Why?

Is it the overall product experience? Or is it to enjoy the feeling of owning an Apple product?


It’s because of the story that Apple has been smartly telling you for years.

When you hear the brand Apple attached to any product, you instantly expect the product to look premium, offer quality, be up with the trend, and be a bit high on the price.

It’s that story in your head that makes Apple so great brand.

It’s neither the product nor the experience because any other big brand can provide both things. But they find it hard to do that.

It’s because they are not as good at telling stories as Apple. They are not using the brand storytelling model as much as Apple does.

Since day one, Apple has been using storytelling in its ads to communicate its vision, mission, and goals to people.

And it has worked so well that people who use Apple find it hard to move to any other brand. (I also fall into the same category.)

It’s a story that makes people notice a brand and make people fall in love with that brand.

Does your business has a story to tell?

Your business needs a powerful, emotionally striking story to become a brand. Stories that help you tell your business vision, change the audience's perspective, and be relatable.

Stories that make people love your brand, talk about your brand and share your brand stories to their friends, family, and colleague.

You need a story that brings your business to life.

All great brands tell great stories. Could you not believe it? Just go watch, read, browse their ads! You’ll find they sell their product, service, or message by using a story.

It’s the audience who believes in that story, gets sold on that story, and ends up falling in love with the brand.

And that’s how these brands keep on growing.


This is true marketing, or should I say fantastic storytelling!

Storytelling is at the heart of brand marketing. It’s what brings people closer to the brand, and it helps the brand establish a long-lasting relationship with the core audience.

And most importantly, storytelling is what brings the sale and helps you create upward profit charts.

So, if you want your core audience to care about your brand, your product, then start telling stories that will create a positive, long-lasting impact.

Stories, that’s how people bond with brands.

What story are you telling right now? Share it with me in the comments.

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