How to Write a Good Guest Post That Gets Published and Shared?

How to write a good guest post

Are you wondering how to write a good guest post that's guaranteed to get published and go viral in your niche?

Is your guest post getting rejected frequently, and that's impacting your confidence as a blogger?

Getting featured on these top niche blogs is one of the most effective ways to jump right in front of a huge audience and tell your story.

I don't need to tell you the benefit of getting in front of a well-established and relevant audience. We all are well aware of that and the impact it can have on your blog, as well as your persona on the net.

Just a simple example!

Imagine you are a Freelance content writer.

You submitted ten guest posts about how to write a good blog post on different authority blogs. All of these blog posts are live on the respective blogs.

The impact would bring on your persona will be a huge boost in getting more clients, establishing yourself as an expert, authoritative freelance writer.

Not only that, but people will start looking for your services, products with the perception that you are an expert writer.

That's a huge boost.

But, it's not that easy.

If it were, I wouldn't be writing these articles.

You don't just land this amazing coverage on these blogs by submitting your guest post – you have to do it right.

Here's a recipe that would help you write a good guest post, including tips on crafting a perfect pitch for guest post collaboration.

What Makes A Good Guest Post?


I will not repeat that same old jargon because I am well aware that you already know it. The whole concept of writing quality content has existed in the blogosphere for more than a decade.

So, it very unlikely for you to not hear about it.

And the goal behind reading this long post is not to get preached by me about the same old things.

Yes, quality is important.

But what are the blocks that you need to put together to achieve and reflect the quality of your guest post?

If you believe that writing a high-quality blog post is all about using the right words and making it sound fancy, you're mistaken.

That's quality in terms of words, but not in terms of the value, it will bring for the readers.

There are lots of factors that you need to tick to write a good quality guest post.

Bloggers often get mistaken that their content needs to be unique to get published on guest blogs.

Oh! You are so far from the truth.

Apart from making your guest post unique, it would be best to consider the following things.

  • Be A Reader
  • Find What Topic Or Question You Can Answer For The Blog Audience
  • Layout Your Post
  • Make It Visually Appealing
  • Edit The Draft (Spell & Grammar Errors)
  • Take A 5-Hour-Long Break
  • Read & Iterate
  • Optimize Important Aspects Of your Guest Posts For Better Ranking
  • Draft Your Creative Pitch

Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of each step to learn how you can write a good guest post that gets published.

Be A Reader First To Learn How To Write A Good Guest Post

You can't directly jump to writing the guest post, and that's what most bloggers do.

They don't pay attention to the guest blog and care nothing about the audience.

What matters most to them is that the blog accepts the guest post, so let's write and submit one.

Oh! I hope if it was that easy.

But sadly, it's not.

You have to go through hoops to get your guest post published.

What can you do that will increase your chances drastically of getting published on any blog as a guest blogger.

Be a reader to that blog!

Read at least 5 to 8 blog posts before you even open that word document to type anything.

Why do you need to do that?

You need to understand the tone, phrasing, intent that each blog post has and write your guest post with the same wavelength.

Let's understand this with an example.

If you want to pitch your service to any client or brand, what is the first step you take?

Probably, you do in-depth research on the client to understand everything about the client and prepare your pitch.

You can't just start to blab in front of a client without any background information and understanding.

That's why the research is very crucial here to increase your chances to land the client.

The same can be said for getting your guest post published on the guest blog.

Find What Topic Or Question You Can Answer For The Blog Audience

The second step is deciding on what topic or question you should answer for the guest blog audience to get the maximum benefit.

I'd suggest before picking up the topic; you should plan your guest post. Go through the guest blog's comments to figure out what question or topic you can write about to help the audience.

You might come across some good content ideas in the comments that you could write.

When you write a guest post about the highly relevant topic to the guest blog, it's helpful to the audience. The chances of you getting published on the guest blog increase drastically compared to just writing a random blog post.

Layout Your Post

You know what you need to write.

It's time to outline your guest post structure.

Writing a good guest post from scratch is a daunting task, but it becomes simpler when you have an outline prepared.

All you need to do is fill the gap with your experience, and you have an amazing guest post ready.

How do you outline your guest post?

Follow this recipe to create an outline for any blog post.

  • Write a brief description of your guest post (around 100 words)
  • Decide the main & LSI keyword
  • The guest post title (3 Options)
  • Write brief guest post-intro (100 Words)
  • Write all the subheadings of the post
  • Add visual elements to the post
  • Make sure it's a long or similar length to the blog post published on the guest blog
  • Write your guest post meta details

Make It Visually Appealing

A well-written guest post is the best way to connect with the audience and get them to take action.

But if your guest post is not visually appealing, you might lose the visitor.

A reader first glazes through the blog post before they start to read. That's why every blog post or guest post you write needs to be visually appealing.

And this doesn't mean that add pictures and videos – it means structuring your content well, keep your paragraph sort, using images, bullet points.

Edit The First Draft (Spell & Grammar Errors)

Writing a guest post is easy for every blogger. But writing a good guest post that flows well, is easy to read and engaging requires a lot from the blogger.

If you want to write a good guest post, you need to make your writing easy to read, simple, and relative for the audience. It should be easy for anyone to read and understand, even people from the targeted niche.

Do you agree?

If, Yes! Then edit your first guest post-draft to make the guest post easy to read, understand, and engaging.

Correct all the grammar, spell errors you can find. You don't need to be perfect; you need to avoid the silly and most common ones.

Take A 5-Hour-Long Break.

Editing is a tedious job that's very crucial to write a good guest post.

You may spend hours writing a guest post, but it's only worth the time if you edit it perfectly. But it's not easy to edit your guest post in one attempt.

That's why after you have done the initial or basic edit take a 5-hour-long break.

In those 5 hours, forget about the guest post, occupy yourself with different things.

This break would help you get a fresh perspective on your guest post. And that's what you need to improve your guest post quality.

Read & Iterate

All bloggers know that you can't always see all of your mistakes the first time around.

That's why after a short jump back to your guest post.

Read carefully, and you'll notice you can add and subtract a lot to improve the guest post's quality and readability.

And that's the goal of taking a short break after writing the first draft of your guest post.

Optimize Important Aspects Of your Guest Posts For Better Ranking

The more effort you'll put into optimizing your guest post, the higher it will rank in search engines.

But, the question is what aspects of the guest post you need to optimize.

Here's the list of things you can optimize and increase the chances of getting ranked higher in the search engine.

  • Decide the main keyword & LSI keyword
  • Add the main keyword in the Title that it feels natural
  • Have a short or simple guest post URL (Use your main keyword as URL)
  • Use your main keyword at least once in your subheading
  • Add images to your guest post with alt text being your main keyword
  • Use your main keyword in the first paragraph of your guest post
  • Optimize the meta details of your guest post
  • Add effective and cleaver call to action
  • Write a conclusion section at the end of your guest post that summarizes the whole guest post in 150 words.
  • Keep your guest post visually appealing.
  • Write complex topics in bullet points to simplify them.

Draft Your Creative Pitch

Our approach should pique the interest of the guest blog owner.

The best tool to accomplish that is the pitch we send to ask for an opportunity to write a good guest post for the blog.

Here's a pitch email template you can use.

Subject Link: A Guest Post That Can Drive 100,000 unique 
visitors In 10 Days

Hey, John! 

Romy here from I’m a huge fan of your blog 
(blog URL), and I’ve read your blog form last few weeks and have
been enjoying your writing. In fact, I really loved the blog post
you published last week about SEO optimization tips for blogger. 

I’m reaching out because I have a guest post about a Proven SEO
strategy for blogger that I think your blog audience would love.
And I was wondering if you’d be open for a guest post collaboration.

Here's the brief information about the SEO strategy I want to
share with your blog audience. 

Title: Blog Post Optimization Tips That Every Blogger Should Know
Article Length: 2300 Words
Keyword: Blog Post Optimization Tips
Editor: Romy Singh (Mention your editor name)

To give you an idea about my writing style and the content quality
please spend few minutes going through the below links:
[LINK 1]
[LINK 2]

Let me know what you think! I am excited to hear back from you.

Have a great day. 

Romy Singh

Few key things you need to pay attention to while writing your guest post pitch email.

  • Write a catch subject link
  • Mention the topic of your guest post
  • Mention Interesting Statistics Or Numbers
  • Introduce Your Self
  • Write the reason for reaching out in a simple manner
  • Share why you love the guest blog, and it's perfect for your contribution
  • Give brief information about your guest post
  • Share links of some of your blog post that you believe are good
  • Attach a personal touch to the email body

Focus on writing a good pitch email because that's the most crucial part of getting published on any guest blog.

If your pitch email fails to connect with the guest blog owner or sounds spammy, it does not matter how good your guest post is.

You wouldn't want your efforts to go to waste.

Conclusion: How to write a good guest post?

How to Write a Good Guest Post That Gets Published and Shared?

Conclusion: How to write a good guest post?

When it comes to getting published on a guest blog, two aspects are very important. If you got these two aspects figured out perfectly, you could be the emperor guest contributor.

The two crucial aspects are pitch email and high-quality guest posts.

Before you get down on writing your guest post, I'd suggest you reach out to the guest blog owner and send your pitch mail.

Get the communication going on first to figure out that you can submit your guest post or not.

Because you would not want to write a 2000 word long guest post and then later realize that it's not good enough for the blog owner or not relevant to the blog audience.

So first, get the communication going on.

Second, go through the guest blog. Read five recently published blog posts on the guest blog to figure out the writing tone, style, and vocabulary that the blog audience likes.

If you want to write a good guest post, you need to replicate that tone in your writing.

Here's a proven recipe on how to write a good guest post:

  • Be a good reader for the guest blog and read at least 5 to 8 blog posts.
  • Find What Topic Or Question You Can Answer For The Guest Blog Audience
  • Create an outline for your guest blog
  • Make your guest post visually appealing.
  • Edit the Draft for Spell & Grammar Errors (Grammarly can help you with that!)
  • Take 5 hours long break to gain a fresh perspective.
  • Read & Iterate your guest post to add more value.
  • Optimize your guest post better ranking

How do you write your guest post? Could you share it with us in the comments?

Note: If you want to learn how to write a great blog post in 58 minutes, read this blog post.

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