Why should You Take Risks In Life? – My Personal Story

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

In this post, I am going to share my story that will tell you why it's important to take risks in life.  Without taking risks in life, you can't accomplish anything substantial in life.

The risk you are afraid to take might change your life.

Been there, and done that! Here's my story.

Around October 2019, my business partner decided to quit on me, and because of that, we have to shut the digital agency we built together by investing five years of our life.

One decision and I was jobless, with no income source, scared to take any other risks in life, and trust new people. I had already taken a huge risk five years ago by quitting a good-paying job to start this agency because of the sole reason that it was my dream to establish my own company and employ few people.

But, as we all are aware that not all plans go as they are planned.

I became afraid to take any more risks. And had no courage left to try something that has a label of risk attached to it.

Around December 2019, I started looking for a job that would give me a consistent income without any risks attached.

I started my new job in January 2020, and it was a good job. I had no complaints about it.

But, the ordering around, lacking the power of decision-making, and since you have run a profitable business yourself, you have the same perceptions as the boss sitting infront of you.

A few months ago, I used to sit on the other side of the table too.

Slowly lots of things started to bother me! The ordering around, sitting in the office even after your task is done, making sure that you stay late at office certain number of days in a month even though there's no work.

It felt like slowly they are trying to brainwash and make you a working bee whose only purpose is to say YES or NO.

I hated that to my guts.

And everything crossed its limit when one day I left at 6:15 from work, which is still 15 minutes later than the actual time of the office hours.

Since I was a new employee, the boss called and asked me to come back to the office to brainwash or train my thinking, making it seem that it's something important.

Lolz, and when I went back to the office, what he said made me very angry, but I could not do anything. I have no power, even though I know this sh*t is wrong, but I have to listen to the whole crap.

In short, he tried to convince me that I should not leave at six and stay an hour or more to the office. Simple and stupid brainwashing tactic.

Slowly, I became friends with other employees and heard few stories from them. But, unfortunately, those stories made me question my decision to work as an employee at a firm.

No respect, blame games, less payments, and 360 other shenanigans. The feeling of quitting the job was growing stronger day by day.

And I was not able to handle all this sh*t well, and then lockdown happened. So my salary got deducted by 70%, even though most of my work was digital, which was not affected as much as offline sales.

Salary got reduced, but the workload increased. Video calls every day for repetitive and unnecessary things from the team leader to keep everyone in check.

I could relate to all this and understand the reasons behind their action better than others because of being in the same shoes as the boss when I had my own agency.

I realized the reasons why my agency grew so fast and became profitable. It was thanks to the people who were working with us and the freedom I gave them.

I couldn't handle the less payment and more work. Because In my life, I have this unbreakable rule that I follow strongly.

The amount of effort should always be equivalent to the money.

Here they broke my equation twice.

Slowly I was dying inside, the entrepreneur in me was dying, drastically reducing productivity, and I was more stressed than I have ever been in my life.

So I decided to test something that will help me decide whether to continue down this road or build something of my own again.

I called the boss to ask about my salary and requested to get around 50 or 60% of my actual salary in this lockdown. and believe me, the response I got from the other side was quite shocking.

My thought process was like you have a business that is quite big, and there's a good amount of cash flow, and you are trying to portray that you can't sustain paying the complete salary to employees for even one month.

I decided to quit the job right in the middle of the first lockdown.

It was a big risk, and I was nearly broke with a small saving to survive on.

Right after that call, I drafted my resignation email and sent it to the HR Department. I didn't budge from my decision, no matter who called to ask me the reason for quitting.

My wife played a huge role in making this courageous decision. She was more sure about my skills that I'd be able to build something more profitable than this job, and I will be the master of my time once again.

Her confidence in me made me think twice, and I decided to take one more risk in my life.

I decided to build my digital agency again from scratch, with no business partner. I will build everything brick by brick, and when I have enough financial capital to expand and grow, I will start with that.

It's been more than a year now, and I have made more money than I would have made from that job, and most importantly, I had peace in my life.

I can see my growth, plan my working hours, make my own decisions, learn new things, and most importantly, no one sitting on top of my head to convince me that I am a working bee.

Yes! It was risky to leave the job in April 2021, but I made that decision because of my twenty-second courage.

I don't regret that decision because my current lifestyle will be impossible to achieve from a job.
And remember, once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur.

Sometimes all you need is someone to show you a mirror and help you get an insane amount of courage for few seconds to make life-changing decisions. You need twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery, and I assure you that you will have a better lifestyle.

Find that twenty-second, that courage to take risks.

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