The Top 8 Tips To Create On-Demand Blog Posts

In the realm of blogging, it's important to produce on-demand blog posts to stay ahead of the game. Gone are the days when just publishing a high-quality blog post was enough to attract readers to your blog.

The blogosphere is filled with similar, reproduced content that readers get overwhelmed by the repetitive information they find everywhere.

Today, your blog posts need to offer value, have unique angles, and solve problems. It shouldn't be an idea that you have reproduced by going through different blog posts.

If your blog fails to offer your audience a unique factor, it will be very hard for you to build an audience base for your blog.

Think about some popular blogs in your niche, and you'll find they don't reproduce blog posts. Instead, they try to figure out their target audience's problems and write solutions around those problems.

Some best examples I can think of are,, and

The main reason behind the success of these blogs are the content they produce. They have master the art of creating on-demand blog posts, which helps them stay ahead in the game.

No more reproducing content.

Focus on creating on-demand blog posts.

Why it's important to create on-demand blog posts?

There is a huge demand for content that provides some value to the reader, offering a solution, which only happens when you create on-demand content instead of reproducing or repurposing a content piece from the net.

The blogosphere is filled with tons of reproduced content, and if you are adding to it without having a specific goal, then your content will get buried under the thousands of content published every day in the blogosphere.

I am sure you'd want to differentiate yourself and your blog from this crowd and build a loyal audience.

But, how?

By creating on-demand content! Blogging is not about publishing blog posts consistently, nor it's a race where you need to beat your competitors.

It's a platform for you to build relationships, connections, and authority with high-quality on-demand content.

And, yeah! At later stages, you monetize these connections, build authority, and relationships to generate an income.

I am not going to say that I don't do blogging for money.

Almost 90% of blogger are doing it for the sole purpose of making money online.

So, it's perfectly fine for you to hop in the same wagon.

But, only 1% of blogger succeed at generating money from their blogs.

Do you know why?

They master the art of creating on-demand content to build their audience, and then they monetize their content for the audience they have built over time.

That's a proven formula.

Sounds easy, right!

It's not! Creating on-demand content is quite a tough and time consuming task.

You need to invest a lot of time researching to figure out the content topics, notes, and resources.

But, in the end, it's worth it.

Deadly Sins To Avoid For Creating On-Demand Blog Posts

Manny Bloggers would easily agree that blogging is more like a strategic science than art. Quality content is the key element, but if that's the only thing your blog offer, then your blog won't survive in this cutthroat competition.

Your content needs to reach to people, and this is where most blogger fails.

Most bloggers are not strategic marketers or thinkers.

There are tons of platforms, strategies, algorithms designed to help you reach out to your audience, but not everyone can use them well.

It's like, not every person who has a car is a good driver.

Still, there are certain mistakes that you need to avoid when creating a blog post.

  • Writing boring blog posts without any visual appeal
  • Not having a consistent blog post publishing schedule
  • Not have a fixed marketing plan for every published blog post
  • Trying to promote the blog post instead of the problem the blog post is solving
  • Don't act smart in your blog post; write as you talk with your friend
  • Explain only one topic with one post
  • Ask readers to share your blog post at the end of every post

These are the mistake that kills a blog, avoid making them. Stay focused on creating on-demand content for your audience and promoting that piece of content.
Just like a house, you need to build your blog brick by brick over a period.

Why do bloggers write blog posts?

They write to build a highly targeted community of readers around their blog and later monetize this community to generate income.

Sound easy, right!

Not so fast! Only 1% of bloggers can successfully build a community around their blog and generate a good income through it.

And the key element of their success is creating on-demand blog posts.

So here are eight tips for creating high-quality, on-demand blog posts.

Work On The Content Idea First

Think of a unique idea or topic that you can write about. Every on-demand post is based on an idea or problem.

The main goal behind an on-demand blog post is to provide readers with value and help them solve a problem.

It's not some reproduced or repurposed content that you've put together after going through few blog posts.

Those kinds of blog posts will hardly see the light of day. It is coming from a decade of blogging experience.

Creating an on-demand blog post is not that hard if you can hunt for problems, ideas that will help or provide value to your audience.

Once you have an idea in place, all you need to do is work on an outline and keep your on-demand blog post precise and well organized because most visitors skim blog posts first before they read it.

You wouldn't want visitors to get scared by the unorganized text and bounce to other blog posts.

Marry Your On-Demand Blog Post Idea With A Goal

“Write more frequently” the most common advice a newbie blogger gets.

But is it effective advice? Because if it was, then almost every blogger would be successful.

I strongly believe that it's a myth that publishing blog posts more often will help you build a successful blog.

No, it's never going to help you build a successful blog because it's the half-truth that bloggers are circulating.

I have mentioned earlier that most bloggers reproduce content from the blogosphere, and that's how this myth became so big.

But the actual truth is different.

You can't keep writing content for the sake of producing content and keeping your blog active. In the long run, it's not going to yield any result for you, and you'd be just wasting your time and effort.

It's time to break the myth and share the complete truth.

Write an on-demand blog post with a goal that syncs with the context or topic of the blog post.

The goal could be getting more readers, subscribers, views, social shares, comments or leads.

When you write a blog post with a goal in mind, you need to take a more thoughtful approach and think about lots of different factors like how it will help the readers, entice them to take the needed action, and convert them into a loyal reader.

While reproducing a blog post, the only factor that the blogger pays attention to is to make the blog post unique so no tools can catch it as a reproduce content.

By marrying your on-demand blog post idea with a goal, you can be certain that your blog post will have a better reach than a reproduced content and provide ten times more value to a reader.

I am certain that you'll have better reach and readership because people look for content that provides value and solutions to their problems, and that's the secret behind all these big blogs that you read today.

They keep producing on-demand content that provides value to the readers.

So get busy now creating on-demand content.

Keep The Things Simple

Have you ever come across a blog post that you find complex to understand and showcase uncommon English words?

I have personally read many blog posts like that over a decade! And there's a belief in the blogosphere that this blog post helps you portray yourself as an expert and build authority in your niche.

That might be true in the offline world in few cases, but you should avoid this deadly sin in any situation when it comes to the blogosphere.

We live in the 21st century, where people's attention span is getting shorter, and we are getting more keen on consuming content more simply.

The best evidence I can offer to prove that is – go through major blogs and read some complex posts above analytics, tracking, and SEO strategies. You'll find that post is written in a manner thats simple to understand for everyone. The vocabulary is simple; the tone is precise to help readers consume the content faster and better.

Keeping things simple in your on-demand blog post makes it easier for the reader to understand, engage, and relate to your advice.

Focus on explaining your actionable advice in the simplest manner.

Get the tone right

You need to understand that the tone of the blog post is as important as the blog post's content.

If your blog post tone doesn't sync well with your audience, you will lose them forever.

Most bloggers don't understand the importance of the tone when it comes to creating a good blog post, which becomes one of the main reasons behind their downfall.

No one likes to read content where the tone fails to sync in with the reader. The tone of your blog post is what's going to get the reader hooked and engaged with your blog post content and turn him into a loyal reader.

Before you start typing a single word on the screen, make sure you have a clear idea about the tone you want your blog post to have. It can sound formal, optimistic, professional, confident, friendly, curious, assertive, surprised, and encouraging, depending on the context of your blog post.

If you still have not figured out the right tone that syncs well with your blog audience, then get your detective hat on right now.

Go through your blog posts analytical data and try to find the top 5 blog posts which are performing better in terms of:

  • Readership
  • Engagement
  • Views
  • Shares & Subscribers

Go through these blog posts to figure out the tone you need to consistently use in your future blog posts.

Don't reproduce content just for the sake of being consistent in your publishing schedule.

Romy Singh

The Blog Intro Paragraph Is The Bait

How do you get visitors to read your blog posts?

I must have heard that question like a hundred times already circulating in the blogosphere, and different people have a different answer for it.

But before I share my answer to that question, I'd like to ask you a question.

How do you catch more fishes? 

The no-brainer answer to that question is by using good bait. 

The same can be said for getting more readers.

It would help if you had a good bait to attract visitors and get them hooked to read the rest of the blog posts.

But, what is that so-called good hook? Hardly anyone talks about it to a full extent.

Yes, we all know that it's the headline; the intro paragraph is the bait. But the question here is, what is a good bait. 

I use three simple strategies that help me get the visitor's attention right from the get-go. You can replicate these strategies to see how well they work for you. 

AGREE: Get them to agree with the problem you are trying to solve with your blog post. Mostly this is achieved by asking questions that are highly relevant to the topic of the blog post. 

REVEAL: Start with the benefits that they will get from reading the blog posts

Commitment: Commit to solving their problem with the information they will find in the blog posts. 

Personal Stories: Start with your personal story or experience related to the blog post topic. (This works best when writing about product reviews, case studies, roundups, and interview-based posts.)

The above four are my favorite and most effective baits I have been using over the years to turn visitors into loyal readers.

Get Them Talking With You Through Your Blog Post

Blog posts are not essays!

In most niches, people don't read the blog post for entertainment purposes; they read it to find information about their problem.

That's why it's become very important for you to write blog posts in the simplest and engaging manner instead of a huge collection of words.

You need to get the reader involved with your blog post. Make them feel like they are having a conversation instead of reading.

The best way to accomplish this is by using questions, relevant scenarios, relatable screenshots, and the reader's imagination to keep the reader engaged with the blog post.

Using benefit-driven headlines, subheadlines for them to stay excited and interested in the blog post.

Don't write a blog post in a way that sounds like a bland essay because that's another deadly sin in blogging.

We get bored way too easily when reading content thats not formatted well and not engaging enough.

Don't scare your readers aways with boring blog posts.

Make Your Content Skimmable & Attractive

If you are reading this line, I'd like to bring your attention to how I have formatted this blog post.

You'd find the blog post is designed well and has all the visual factors that a blog post needs to turn visitors into a reader.

It has images, graphics, memes, and quotes to visually entice visitors to read the complete blog post.

And that's what I want to convey.

Some people skim through your blog post first before they even read a single word. If your blog post looks visually appealing, not like a long boring collection of the paragraph, then visitors will read the blog post.

The long and not visually appealing post makes the visitor feel burdened, so they try to skip and find something looks easier to consume.

Yes, you heard it right! From now on your need to put makeup on your blog post and make it look pretty so that visitor will find it attractive and spend time reading it.

The best ways to accomplish this are:

  • Using relevant images, graphics
  • Adding Videos
  • Adding quotes or testimonials
  • Adding Meme's
  • Adding infographics, etc…


A high-quality blog post might get you some readers, but a high-quality and well-presented post will help you build a loyal audience base.

Now the choice is yours!!!

Emotion is the key to unlock the readers heart

The key to make any blog post a surefire hit is to emotionally connect with the reader.

If the advice, the solution, and the value you are trying to add to the readers live through your blog post relate with the reader, they will share your blog posts with friends and family.

And that's what you need to grow your blog audience.

Writing formal, very general blog posts will not give you effective results, because this type of content is common in the blogosphere.

You need to be specific to connect with readers.

It would be best to write on niche topics, problems to connect with your audience.

Use humor, puns, past experiences in your blog post to connect with the reader. Putting together a few words that fail to paint a complete picture will no longer work.

You need to connect with the reader and convey your solution, message in the simplest manner. And that's the key to creating a successful blog.

When you learn to create on-demand content that has value to offer, emotions that the reader can relate with, then magic happens.

You can use several emotions to get the reader engaged with your blog post like, fear-based emotions and love-based emotions.

Fear-based emotion – Anxiety, anger, sadness, missing out, guilt, shame, confusion etc…

Love-based emotion – Joy, happiness, trust, credibility, caring, compassion, truth, satisfaction etc…

I would strongly suggest trying to use love-based positive emotions in your blog posts more often. The negative emotions are mostly suitable for sharing a negative experience or creating fear in the reader's mind.


As a blogger, our common goal is to grow our audience and monetize the audience base seamlessly without sounding like a salesman.

How many bloggers do you think can do that successfully?

Less than 1%! Yes, you heard it right.

Most bloggers get lost in the cutthroat competition of producing high-quality on-demand content because they get the same advice over and over again that the key to success is producing blog posts frequently.

In the process, they forget that it's the half-truth.

Bloggers start to reproduce the content in their version thats already floating around the web. That's a deadly sin when it comes to blogging.

People come to your blog to find unique content, solutions to their problems, add value to their life, not read something thats common, and floating on the web.

And that's what keeps many bloggers away from building a loyal audience base.

To succeed in the blogging space, you need to create on-demand content that's relevant, engaging, simple to understand, looks visually appealing.

Creating high-quality content is not enough anymore.

The blog post needs to be specific about what problem its solving for the reader, what value its adding to the readers, how well it connects with the reader, and how the reader can easily consume the information.

That's the complete truth!

You need to frequently publish on demand blog posts.

Decide a frequency, consistency and keep producing on-demand content to build a successful blog over a period.

And one simple piece of advice would be, keep your on-demand blog Highley relevant to what you are trying to convey. No extra jargon are needed.

How do you find ideas for creating an on-demand blog post?

Did you love the blog post? If yes, please share with other bloggers so that they can take advantage of this advice.

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