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The Anatomy of A Hit Blog Post

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people create and publish content online. It's like a race - everyone's got to be producing and publishing as much as possible to win. Does any of that content make a difference? The truthful answer is NO. Most of this content just gets buried in the last pages of...
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Why should You Take Risks In Life? – My Personal Story

Dear Brothers & Sisters,In this post, I am going to share my story that will tell you why it's important to take risks in life.  Without taking risks in life, you can't accomplish anything substantial in life.The risk you are afraid to take might change your life.Been there, and done that! Here's my story.Around October...
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Crack More Freelance Deals

Suddenly Crack More Freelance Deals With These 6 Strategies

If the client says that he can get the work done cheaper, remember that you're getting paid for the expertise, experience, and value you're bringing to the table. Quality always comes with a higher price tag. So don't sell yourself short while trying to crack more freelance deals. I have been in these situations multiple...
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Grammarly Review 2021 – The Secret Of Writing Better Content

The Summary Box​ Grammarly is a Grammar correction & proofreading tool that helps content curators create better content, improve writing style, and avoid embarrassing typo mistakes. In this Grammarly Review, I'll share in-depth information to help you make the decision that you should move to the premium version or not. It might sound like a...
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The Top 8 Tips To Create On-Demand Blog Posts

The Top 8 Tips To Create On-Demand Blog Post

In the realm of blogging, it's important to produce on-demand blog posts to stay ahead of the game. Gone are the days when just publishing a high-quality blog post was enough to attract readers to your blog.The blogosphere is filled with similar, reproduced content that readers get overwhelmed by the repetitive information they find everywhere.Today,...
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Hi, I am Romy Singh!

I have been a Funnel Designer & Entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. I started developing websites, funnels, and businesses around a decade ago, and since then, it's been my passion and profession. I have had the privilege to work with some exceptional people across the world. Through ConceptBlogger, I am sharing what I have learned throughout these years.